Frequently Asked Questions

Is this gambling?

Aktv is not a form of gambling mainly because your winnings are based on your physical effort. Gambling is based on the element of chance.

Is my device supported?

To use aktv you need: - An Iphone running on iOS 13 or newer - A supported wearable - Apple Watch (Series 0 and newer) - Garmin Watch (One that has heart rate monitor and tracks intesity minutes) Don't have a supported phone or wearable? We plan to add more devices (FitBit, Android, etc.) in the near future. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated!

What is the aktv zone?

It is the designated heart rate range (bpm) where you can achieve the most favorable fitness results, no matter the goal.

How do I get my winnings?

Shortly after you've completed a challenge, your winnings will be availabel in your aktv account. Simply click the Cash Out button and funds will be transfered to your linked PayPal account.

What kind of exercises are acceptable?

Any and all. At home workouts, running weight lifting, swimming, sports, etc. Basically whatever activiy you chose to get your heart rate in your personal aktv zone.

How do you prevent cheating?

We have a NO-tolerance for cheating policy. For any suspicious behavior, challengers may be asked to show additional proof of completed activity. Any challenger that is found to have fabricated any activity will be eliminated and removed from the aktv app.

Can I have more than one aktv account on the same device and/or share my wearable with more than one person?

Our terms of service do not allow more than one aktv account per device. Aktv challengers are not allowed to share wearbles. If found that either of these actions have been done, the challengers account will be suspended and the linked device will be blacklisted from the app.

How do I make sure my tracker is connected to aktv?

If aktv doesn't capture your activity/points, try these steps: 1. Open Health app 2. Tap your profile, then tap devices 3. Tap your tracker 4. Tap privacy settings and make sure Heart Rate and Fitness tracking is turned on

How is my aktv zone configured?

Each individuals aktv zone is 55-85% of their max heart rate with the base being no lower than 110bpm.

How do I earn points?

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